Let’s Be Sili Together

Des Likes Doodling is a reminder of what brings us together – food, laughter and stories.

After divisive election years on social media, doodling became her way of connecting people.

The exhibit takes you through snippets of a 1,500 kilometer walk from Rome to Paris, how it transformed her relationship with food, and how love became the language of her works.

In her first solo exhibit, Desiree shares her mindful and playful journey on giving full attention to how we eat, how we walk, and how we love.


Exhibit Details

Title: Let’s be Sili Together
Artist: Desiree Llanos Dee
Time: August 5, 2018, Sunday, 5PM
Address: ASpace Philippines, 110 Legazpi Street, 1229, Makati City, Philippines
Curator: Manu Respall

#LetsBeSiliTogether #DesLikesDoodling #thrivetayo

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